Thursday, 28 March 2013

Statement Jewellery....Italian style

Chunky statement jewellery has been big for years and seems set to be in trend for sometime to come. These days its easy to grab an inexpensive chunky necklace from Diva or Collette to go with your everyday outfit but if you want something special for a grand gala, wouldn't you prefer to choose quality craftsmanship that makes you feel a million bucks. I know I would.

Have you trawled the shops looking for that piece that not only compliments but finishes off your dream outfit . Have you experienced the absolute disaster of seeing a girl on the next table wearing the same dress or has she styled her jewellery that much better than sucks I know. I have the answer for you and it comes all the way from Italy to Australia's shores. Elma Venezia is an Italian jewellery house whose designs are timeless, colours are in trend and are all handmade. The benefit of a handmade piece of jewellery over a Asian factory made piece is that it falls under the umbrella of Artisan Jewellery. The quality and attention to detail will be high and the workmanship 100 times better than cheap metal. In fact Elma Venezia uses very little metal in their jewellery which makes it lighter than the Asian replicas.

The jewellery house creates its masterpieces from Murano glass and each bead is handmade and hand strung all in Venice. Should you select a gold or silver piece of jewellery, you will be buying 24 carat gold or silver (956) spun into the molten glass to give you the perfect metallic shine that looks real because it is real.

Available at, you will find the full Australian range to purchase with delivery times of approximately a week. However, if you have your heart set of something from the International catalogue, we can arrange to have it made to order and sent to you in approximately 6 weeks. The Zavara shop also features some of the International range and states the delivery times accordingly.

Cant find the exact colour to match your dress? We can work with our Italian designers and have your very own piece designed just for you. To arrange a custom made piece of Elma Venezia, please contact Melanie at

So without further a due, please enjoy the viewing pleasure of some of the Australian range currently available from our online store

    Dorata Chain Necklace in 24ct Gold Glass - $529AUD

    Athena Necklace in 24ct Gold and Silver Glass - $399AUD
    Isadora Necklace in Green and Silver Glass - $549AUD
    Sofia Loren Necklace in Silver - $699AUD

    Atlantis Earrings and Bracelet - $249AUD / $279AUD

    Water Drop Earings - $139AUD

     Isadora Earings in Green and Silver - $179AUD


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