Zavara is a journal of all things I love in design, home interiors and life. It is not only an outlet for the millions of styling ideas I come up with but also a resource to share the latest trends in design.

I am not a professional designer just someone who appreciates the beauty in colour, shape and quality and has simply run out of space to decorate. In my past life I have been a dancer, teacher, wedding planner and event stylist and have now settled as a Event Manager in the big bad corporate world along with dabbling on the side as a blogger, retailer and jewellery distributor.

A special note to my beautiful husband who both inspires and helps make my collective of projects a realisation, thank you for your patience, tolerance and unconditional love.

Additional to this blog, I also have an online shop which contains a collection of home and lifestyle products from around the world. This shop is ever growing from my visits abroad and changes seasonally. SHOP

If this wasn't enough, I also have taken on the rights for Asia Pacific to distribute the Italian jewellery brand Elma Venezia. A Murano glass jewellery house with exceptional handmade craftsmanship,  original designs and timeless beauty. Developing a website and stockist list is also on the list to do for 2012 (I will keep you posted).


Delica otto bottle holder, Casalis slumber pouf, Alessi love spoon, Abra candelabra, bentwood chairs in any colour, vintage posters, recycled crates and the list goes on...